Unlocking our Potential

In our school we teach  multiple grades, providing excellent opportunities for mentor ship and life-long friendships.

We are like a family and we like to engage in diverse learning opportunities that push our thinking, creativity and growth.

Across all grades we start the morning with EXPLORE IT where we explore and learn more about literacy. We end the day with a flex time for reflection, special projects and cross-grade collaborative groups, that we call synergy groups.

Flex options now offered every Friday until December:

  • Computer Coding
  • Drama (acting, improv and movement)
  • Robotics and video making
  • Photography
  • Ceiling Tile Painting
  • Yearbook
  • Mask Making
  • Foods(cooking & baking)

In addition to our excellent mix of traditional and project-based learning approaches we are offering:

  • Grade 5-9 band 

  • Grade 5-9 art 

  • Grade 7-9 CTS (starting in January) 

Our school’s year theme is: “Keys to Success.” We will encourage and challenge students to realize the keys to their own success in literacy, learning, and living and how the keys can unlock our potential to become leaders in the world.

Come and learn with us!