Arrowwood School's Leadership Day April 12!

Come visit our school from 1-3pm to see the great things that happen everyday with students leading their own learning!

You will see students:

- demonstrating leadership by being greeters, tour guides, and guest leaders;

- giving speeches and presenting their work and learning; and

- performing and showcasing their talents!

At Arrowwood we are Inspiring Leaders!

RSVP by emailing or calling the school today.

The Leader in Me School Event Link

Welcome to Arrowwood Community School! 
Come and learn with us!

Arrowwood schools humble beginnings began in 1915 with a small school located just outside of the village.  In 1920, the Arrowwood Consolidated School (the first one in Alberta) was built on the present property.  There have been additions throughout the years, and in 1965, the current building was built.  In 2012 the school experienced a fire that destroyed a majority of the building, which has since been beautifully renovated. 

This year we are excited to share with you a new school mission and vision to support our Leader in Me 7 Habits of Effective Leaders program. As a Leader in Me school, we are “Inspiring Leaders” through empowering learning, creativity and community connections.

At Arrowwood Community School we provide opportunities to:
• develop habits of effective leaders
• practice lifelong learning
• connect with community
• embrace diversity and individuality

Our school’s year theme is: “Unmask the Super Leader in You.”

We will encourage and challenge students to unmask their abilities and find how they can be leaders in literacy, learning, and living and how they can unmask their potential to become leaders in the world.

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